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With over 30 years of experience I know
I can help you with writing, editing or proofreading your project at affordable rates

Books of Mine Published

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Two experienced criminals and an inexperienced former Num candidate merge their basic needs for money and plan a major heist.

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To a retired senior, it is to do whatever you feel like doing from now on for as long as you want. You have taken a very long vacation in life. This book, Lotsa Fun with Retirement, is to help you get away from the norm the usual boring nonsense. This is an extension of the two books of the same theme: How to Have Fun, and More Fun with Retirement.

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A collection of light-hearted, witty, yet informative, articles about seniors and retirement living. In addition, there are tad bits of useful, if not useless, information to enhance the FUN in RETIREMENT: Dreams, Fantasies, Facts, Jokes, and Elucidations that have come from semi-scientific papers, true stories told by a liar, personal experiences as logged and blogged on the Internet and passed on as remedies and antidotes for the human condition and just plain-old made-up stuff.

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Have Fun in your Retirement

Or: Being a Senior Citizen

Copy Editing and Proofreading; Writing; Re-Writing Assistance;
Consulting Services; Formatting Assistance

I work with all types of written material: Books (Fiction and Non-Fiction), Children's Books, Newsletters, Catalogs, Marketing Material, Technical Documents, School and College Papers as well as Dissertations.

Remember, the final written material reflects the originator and mediocre writing, editing or proofreading may cause editors to reject a manuscript.

Readers may close the cover of a book, magazine article or newsletter after reading a few lines, or customers may not purchase the product if a marketing brochure is not written well.

The boss may re-evaluate your manual, white paper, business letter or resume if it has glaring misspelled words or curious grammar.

The professor or teacher may give you a lower grade because of bad English.

In any of the above siturations, if you are not sure, then call on my professional services for writing, editing, or proofreading help, it is the best answer.

The accurate word is always A Better Word.

For a free estimate, questions or information, fill out our e-mail feedback form:

A Better Word Information Form7

Fill out the form above and send me your information: Your name; Title and the type of work; Approximate number of pages and/or words; Your schedule; What services you require; And any questions you may have. I will respond with an estimate and any information.

Or contact me at A Better Word


Copy Proofreading and Editing

Copy Proofreading and Editing includes checking for spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, word usage, consistency in word usage and spelling, word breaks, and format. This service includes comments to the author about ambiguous copy or questions for clarification.

Some references we use:
The Chicago Manual of Style; AP Stylebook;
Gregg Reference Manual; APA Publication Manual; and of course

a Dictionary and a Thesaurus.

How To Submit Editing

First, send an e-mail or fill out our Information Form with a description of the work and the number of pages or the word count. Then, if possible, send a few sample pages in an attached MS Word file. We will respond with the best estimate based on these sample pages and word count. E-mail to ABetterWord.com

Rates are based on the following requirements for a standard page:

  • Manuscripts are best to be submitted in a standard format:
    8 1/2 x 11 inch pages with double spaced copy.

    This format provides approximately 300-350 words per page.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word,
    unless alternate arrangements are made with the editor.
  • Manuscripts with odd fonts, small fonts, or difficult-to-read fonts
    will be returned unread, or charged an extra fee.
  • Manuscript files must be sent as an attached MS Word file
    in an e-mail message sent to the editor at A Better Word.com

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Editing Policies

In editing we read the material through once, and often a second time, to ensure the consistency of style and word usage from the beginning to the end of the material.

If the material from the writer is unacceptable or unworkable or is seemed objectionable in content for any reason, we reserve the right to return the project files and return the deposit.

All material and information sent to ABetterWord.com is confidential and will not be passed on to anyone other than the editor and/or associates who will directly work on the material.

All changes or additions to the copy beyond the original files, made by the writer, will be billed at an hourly rate. Corrections that must be made because of our error will not be billed.

ABetterWord.com is only responsible for the editing services and is not responsible for the accuracy or intent of the content.

The author is responsible for reading the How to Submit section of this site.

Editing Procedures

All the work is completed in MS Word. An attached MS Word file is to be sent by e-mail to us at: A Better Word.com.

After the initial payment has been confirmed from Pay Pal, the editor will acknowledge the receipt of the file and payment.

The work will be performed on a second (copy) of the MS Word file with all the MS editing
red/blue line markups and underlines. The file will then be saved to a third and final corrected file. All three files (the original, a copy with changes, and the final) will be returned to the author after the final payment has been confirmed.

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Formatting Assistance

We can provide manuscript formatting if you request it.

We will provide a much cleaner and neater document to present to the editor, publisher, or printer. Refer to a .pdf sample of the MS Word Formatting Styles that illustrates how it will appear.


Writing services and estimates are provided on a case-by-case basis. Each project can involve research, interviewing, or just plain organizing the input from you. Please contact us to discuss the project.

Re-writing Assistance

Re-writing assistance and estimates, including ghost writing, is also provided on a case-by-case basis. Project manuscripts that are almost complete, but don't look quite right, can be re-written and re-worked to your satisfaction.

Consulting Services

We do not have all the answers. Sometimes we will pass questions to one of our associates, or recommend another source. This, of course, is normally a service with no fee. If extensive research is involved, we will quote a fee before starting the project.

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Genres and Types of Products

The following lists representative samples of the services and products with which we have experience, but does not limit us to these areas:

Advertising copy, magazine articles, novels, nonfiction books, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, memoirs, user guides, cookbooks, direct mail, white papers, travel guides, biographies, technical documents, presentations, school papers and dissertations, proposals, reports, service manuals, operations manuals, press releases, training manuals, short stories, menus, ghost writing, annual reports, essays, childrens books, self help, resumes, and many more types.



What some clients say

"I so much appreciate your prompt attention. And trusting your work, as I do, puts my mind at ease knowing I don't have to worry about grammatical errors. I've hired you twice for your services... and you will be the one I will choose on my next projects, for sure. Thanks again,"
Sheila Wood, Novelist,

"Patrick was prompt, professional and comprehensive in his proofreading of my book. His attention to detail and quick responses to my concerns will assure my repeat business."
Michael Eads, Author,

A Man's Feelings

"You've worked several projects for us and I am very pleased with your work and the timely manner in which they were completed."
Publisher, Writers Press Publishing

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